Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Red Blob

For the last month or so I've been carrying around the same red blob. Lace is like that and seeing actual progress is difficult. I know it's bigger, I know yarn has gone into it because finally I am into the second half of the skein and yet there's an endlessness in the rows ahead.

The pattern is Wendy Johnson (WendyKnits) Estonian Pi. There are A-F charts, the first three of which fly by and then suddenly... the rows are huge. At present, each row is nearly 600 stitches. The pattern rows take between 45-60 minutes, the rest rows are about 25 minutes if I am really focused. 

Currently I have 2.5 repeats of Chart E left, then Chart F and the bind off. If I knit 2 rows every day for the next 2 weeks, I can be finished with it by May 1, which is the arbitrary goal. That'd give me all of May to focus on my final Loopy Academy project. (And I would have knit a 1200-1400 yard lace shawl as one of my final three -- *buffs nails*) 

The Wollmeise laceweight is lovely and is obviously a yarn that will show off stitch definition beautifully and wear like iron.  Whoever ends up with this final product is going to have the same shawl in 5 years and it will look like new no matter how often it gets used as an airplane neck pillow, worn out in the rain, etc.  

In the interim, two pair of socks continue, I need to show you a couple of finished projects, and a small gray cat is determined that all of my lap belongs to her.  

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