Tuesday, March 13, 2018

You Would Think...

I've spent two days in an in person conference at work.  There should have been tons of knitting time. There wasn't and instead what down time I had was spent working with a research partner on an impending deadline and editing slides/lecture for class this week.

Summer is going to be so slothful -- no full for-credit courses to be taught. It might actually feel like a holiday.

I did finish my friend's cowl on Sunday. It's amusing how much everyone deeply covets this yarn. The colorway doesn't matter, everyone really loves it.  And rightly so -- it's beautiful and super squishy.  

As soon as she gets back from her work trip she'll have it. Of course,it'll probably be 75 degrees by then, just to mess with my head. At least there is always next winter. 

I'm working down the sleeves on my sweater. The plan is 4 repeats of the XO cable pattern with 4 stitches decreased in the 2nd repeat and 2 stitches decreased in the 4th and then 12 rows of 1x1 ribbing.  And if I write it down here perhaps I'll remember that. 

The lace is neglected. The brioche still yarn.  And it's mid-March. I know Loopy Academy will be a haul to the finish but I do wish Past-Me had chosen slightly easier/shorter projects. An 800 yard shawl and a fingering weight adult size sweater? Riiiiiigt. Uh huh.  

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