Friday, December 29, 2017

Final Counts 2017

I gave myself a full week of rest following the end of Christmas/Academy knitting. My right wrist  had been regularly complaining after what I think was a hyper-extension on Cookie Day.*  I usually seem to end up with some kind of holiday related/knitting related injury in December every year. One year it was in the backs of my hands; another year my shoulder. Maybe if I don't have Academy for the back half of 2018.... 

And yes, for those curious, I'm twitchy. I don't know how to watch television or listen to an audiobook without knitting.  Never mind that there is plenty of cleaning to do around Chez Hedgehog that could be done with an audiobook. Or that I could sort the stash again, which also needs to be done, while watching a movie. 

I have read multiple print books, which is more than I usually get thru in a week these days.

Overall it was a productive knitting year: I completed 31 projects and have a few outstanding that will bleed into 2018. My first completed projects were Pussy Hats for the Women's March. I'm still proud of having been able to knit an entire one and then pop it onto AudioGirl's head *at* the March. She added ribbing later and has been wearing it all winter so far.

The last completed project was the Vitamarie Shawl that you just saw. Still waiting on Loopy Ewe to approve that, but I cannot see that one going wrong. There were multiple  charts in Franklin's pattern.

Favorite?  I don't know if there was one. I looked through my projects and thought Oh Of Course and then saw another and chose that one, or that one.

Overall Counts: 

Adult Hats: 7
Infant Hats: 3
Shawls: 9
Cowls: 1
Mitts/Gloves: 4
Toys: 1
Socks: 1
Toddler Sweater: 2
Scarf: 1
Earwarmers: 2

Yes, I'm stunned that I only knit one pair of socks too. I worked on two other pairs but never made much progress. I've lost a few pair this year due to blow outs or finding moth issues that I hadn't known about when I went through everything three times last year. So 2018 may see a few new pairs on the sock drawer.  I'll also be looking for "things to do with the remaining sock or slightly well worn sock yarn that I don't want to forget." I have a feeling a sock yarn blanket is in my future--to be knit for a few decades to come.

Wishing you a restful end to the year and that you start 2018 refreshed and ready to tackle all the challenges ahead. There will be many. And I hope we have enough yarn for all of them.

*Cookie Day -- somewhere between 8-10 women descend upon the kitchen of a Lutheran church who graciously rents it to us every year and bakes for 10 hours. The result this year was 2.5 8' tables of different kinds of cookies. Something like 24 different recipes. It's delicious.

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