Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Begrudgingly Entrelac'd

My Loopy Academy Senior Year Entrelac project has been completed. I did enough to complete the yardage and bound off. 

It's a 5' scarf, entirely knit in entrelac, from a skein of BMFA Heavyweight Socks That Rock in the Hush colorway. I worked form a set of internet instructions that I ceremoniously threw away the minute the knitting was done, so no pattern link for this one. 

The yarn is brighter than my camera was cooperating with that day, the bottom picture is closest in terms of actual colors. It looks much like toothpaste.

And while I am now decent at backwards knitting and can successfully navigate entrelac without too much griping, it is not a technique I have any intention of doing again if I can possibly help it. Besides the fiddly nature of the the process, I don't like the finished product. It doesn't fit with my aesthetic at all and since I'm the one who will be knitting it....

I'm giving this just until Loopy approves my assignment (or one of you hops up and down and thinks it's beautiful and desperately wants it) until I rip it out.  By January 1, this is going back in the stash.  

[One more Loopy Academy project to finish for the semester. The shawl turned the halfway point last night and I'm far faster than I was. I have 9 straight repeats and then the decreases start! Send me about 3 spare weeks and I should be in great shape.] 

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