Friday, November 10, 2017

Unremembered Knitting

I keep having to remind myself, using Ravelry, that I do continue to knit productively and turn out projects at a fairly steady rate. Certainly I forget to tell the blog about things but Ravelry is a decent source of truth.  A quick run thru things that have recently appeared and come off the blocking mats.

The Philosopher's purple triangle was a loss to the moths last year and thus needed replacing. The Loopy Ewe has finally run out of purple, I don't know what I'll do next time. This was the Milkweed pattern. It's well written and very clear and knits up quickly and beautifully. It should get it's debut at a tailgate soon now that the weather has turned cooler. 

I also, for the very last time, reknit this yarn. It's my third time through it. The yarn is the earliest of the Dizzy Blonde studios. I knit a hat; then ripped that out when the Philosopher said he'd really prefer a scarf. That scarf was too long and bulky. And then there were moths and so what had been 1 skein turned into 2 (hat + remnants) turned into about 10. It was an opportunity to try reskeining. I soaked the miniskeins and hung them in the shower with a plastic hanger as weight. They seemed to turn out alright? Either way -- I'm DONE with this yarn. The pattern is the Fibonacci Neckerchief, which, considering my boyfriend seemed incredibly appropriate. 

And I went to a conference in early October where I would need to be able to drop and go. Pull out my standard modifications for the Sockhead hat and we're off! I go down a needle size, down several stitches, and I don't make it very slouchy. I also do a 1x1 ribbing rather than the pattern recommended 2x2. It's my 3rd or 4th time through it, so I've got it down pretty well. 

The yarn is Western Sky Knits in Zombie Garden II and it's  not photographing here as well as I'd like. It's much more charming in person and people regularly commented on liking the yarn.  I think this hat goes in my bin for winter, I do like a bright hat.

Finally,  look SLEEVES! That only took several extra months. This toddler sized Flax Light is done. I've still got a lot of the Cascade Heritage yarns to use up but I was pleased with how this turned out.  

I've got two other projects to show you (see--I am productive, just behind at my storytelling).  Those need their own posts though. Wool is eventually getting used up around Chez Hedgehog. Slowly. 

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