Friday, February 3, 2017

Loopy Academy Semester 5: Take 2

I haven't had the stomach to come and blog about the fall semester. I was so delighted with myself, finishing with a full seven hours to spare. I posted pictures, I was all done....

And neither me, nor anyone on the uber-thread on Ravelry noticed I'd missed a very specific instruction: my toy had to have 2 colors of yarn.

My elephant? One color. Which means I did not complete the prompt and therefore did not complete the semester. And it wasn't until a full week later--when my photo hadn't been approved, that someone sorted it out for me. So I spent the rest of January figuring out what I'd do since I needed to redo those three projects. (There was also some pretty solid gnashing of teeth and chiding myself for not double checking the instructions.)

So here we are February 3 and my Box of Fun, as The Loopy Ewe calls them, arrived this afternoon. As soon as Sheri announced Spring Semester being open, I pressed Purchase on my cart, which has been hanging out waiting for me.  I have plans and they are not to be thwarted.

First up is that Bobble project. You will recall I was annoyed with myself last semester upon realizing I'd not bought the right wool for the project (apparently an inability to read instructions was my entire state of being last fall). This time I have it correct and I have four skeins of the Malachite colorway of Loopy Solids. For those of you who also like mixing solid colors--they are still clearing out stock from the old run of this and it's $9 a skein for 220 yards. It's a very decent price and it's a nice little workhorse yarn. It's a light fingering--similar to KPPPM or Louet and if I were knitting socks, I'd use size 0 (2.0mm) needles. This is going to become an Industrial Revolution Shawl

For the toy, I have 2 colors--see there--2! Sand and Mocha and more of the Loopy Solids. These are going to become Dreamy Owls. They'll probably be smaller than the pattern says (8") because I intend to use size 0 needles (2.0mm) and make as many as needed to get to 250 yards.  I'm guessing 3. Not sure how thin the fabric would be with size 3 (3.25 mm) needles...

Finally, I have to suffer through gloves again. Yes, the fall pair was much easier, no, I'm not thrilled about making these. But I can at least use yarn I love and that's where BMFA STR Lightweight comes in, in the Valkyrie colorway.  I'm also leaving off the cables and just getting some gloves done. My friend G made a pair from the Sock-it-to-Me pattern last fall and they looked cool, so here we go. 

What about Spring Semester--which includes colorwork, buttons, and beads? It's on hold until March 1. I want to see how much progress I can make in February first. If I'm moving along well and have at least 2 of these projects done, then sure, I'll order yarn. If not--then we shall see.  I'm also looking for *small* projects.  I really must stop with this whole "let's knit an 800 yard shawl in fingering weight for one of these projects" kick that I'm on. 

Wish me luck... 

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