Friday, February 10, 2017

Inside Owlettes

Tonight I started the second of my three Loopy Academy Fall Make-Up projects. It's February 9, so I'm not doing too badly. I've been focused on the shawl/bobble project --Industrial Revolution. I've even had a couple of knitting meetings this week, although I had to take time to handwind a skein.  I know, I just need to set up the swift and get all of the yarn done for this semester. Maybe Saturday... 

Anyway, I'm participating on Instagram in the #yarnlovechallenge that Mary Heather from Ravelry is hosting. Each day we get a prompt and post a representative picture. It's been fun and there are so many interesting pictures going by.  Normally I tend to push my pictures out to FB or Twitter but because this is everyday and themed, I haven't been. If you're interested in seeing what I posted, my profile is 

My picture from yesterday was taken on the train on the way home, rather late. Work days have been running long and nights very short. "I'm going to oversleep" insomnia is so much fun. 

Anyway, toy shot... 

I'm about  a third of the way through the body on my first of n owls. I'd originally guessed I'd need to make around 3, I'm going to revise that up right now and say closer to 5. These are going to be dainty little owls, which is fine my me. 

Also, anyone who has seen me knit in the round knows that I knit inside out. Rather than working on the stitches closest to me, I'm working on those farthest away. I'm not sure where I learned this technique. As I demonstrated with the elephant, I'm capable of doing it "correctly" but I realized I don't need to for the owls. Purl side out should be fine.  

So instead, I'll have Inside Owlettes. The Philsopher has already heaved a deep sigh at that joke and wandered away. Apparently he doesn't want an owlette of his own.  

Did you know a group of owls is called a wisdom? Things I've learned from mystery author Donna Andrews. 

Project 2 underway, maybe this weekend I'll start the gloves too.... or at least get out the swift. 

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