Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We Came, We Saw, We YarnConned Pt. 1

AudioGirl managed to wrangle her schedule around so we could go to YarnCon together this year! And she also talked me into signing up for a class. (It was hard...truly. "We should go" "Okay, I'll get tickets")

The morning of was ridiculously bizarre weather. It was pretty cold, which means the light down coat for me and a heavy alpaca sweater for her. Over the course of the morning we would hear that it was alternately: snowing, sleeting, raining, snowing, and clear and brightly sunny. When we were ready to leave we had to wait a few minutes because it wasn't safe to drive, but 15 minutes later the sky was clearing. It repeated this all day.

But anyway, back to class. A first for both of us, we took a drop spindle class with Vera Videnovich. She was a lovely and patient teacher and got a dozen of us through the spinning basics with CDs and hooks and a little bit of fiber.

Following, we immediately went upstairs to find spindles. Jelby turned out to have what we needed: Akerworks spindles and YarnGeek sold us some lovely fiber (it helped that it said "good for beginners" on the label).

I got purple and grey, and Audiogirl got a lovely light gray with pops of teal. It's going to be stunning.  
The spindle is 3D printed. It's not heavy but it's got some weight to it. I've been practicing just a little here and there. I was finally able to get down to something approaching a thin single.  My impression is that I need to be more aggressive drafting the wool. It isn't going to hurt the wool's feelings. 


Another new fact I've learned with this: Gypsy is a big fan of unspun wool. She thinks she should get to lick it. Negotiations are ongoing. 


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