Monday, April 18, 2016

Loopy Academy: Twist and Mix

Getting the Loopy Academy Socks finished pointed out that I hadn't yet started the other two projects: a shawl and a hat. Those are now both underway.

The shawl pattern is Lady Bertram by Wendy Johnson. I got through the solid section a while back and then promptly got distracted. My stick-to-it-iveness seems to be severely lacking this spring. Of course, when each meeting brings 5 new things to the to-do list and deadlines are constantly being juggled, perhaps my knitting is just following the rest of my life. I crank through the easy parts and then deal with whichever thing is on fire the most.


The yarn for the shawl is Loopy Seasonings Series. I'm almost done with the first repeat of Chart A. Unfortunately, it's not quite memorizable, so this work all requires my tablet on my knees so I can follow along.  Gypsy is not a fan of this, as my lap is supposed to be available for her and I won't let her lay on my tablet.

The hat made it a little further along before I stuffed it into a project bag to be ignored.


This is the Skull Coast Hat and the first one that I can find on Ravelry knit in orange! I really love how the cables are popping against the reverse stockinette.  I'm through the 5 inches" of hat and ready to start the brim, but that's a cabled chart that will require sitting quietly and listening to Gregorian chant for a couple of hours.  I'm enjoying the BMFA Heavyweight (a surprise, I know) and the bright orange is an unusual enough color for me that others are noticing it as well.

My goal with these two projects is to get them within the final rows and then ignore them until end of May. Which at my current speed of knitting on them means spend the last week of May frantically knitting.

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