Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stunt Knitting

An opportunity presented itself in the fall to do some stunt knitting and learn a new technique. I can now say I have successfully executed Shadow or Illusion Knitting.

Thankfully, Franklin Habit had a blog post about it right as I was getting started. The other instructions I'd seen just weren't making sense.

And I can say it takes far longer than you expect to do---what with having to pay attention every other row and changing colors, and a border stripe (totally would do that differently next time).

The task at hand was a baby blanket with the skyline of Chicago. This has been nicely charted out by Molly Scannell.   While the pattern calls for ~400 yards of each colorway, I was getting gauge and needed more than that of the blue--so have a spare skein of your Color A on hand! 

Overall it turned out quite nicely though. On first look it's just stripes. Done here in a silver and blue of Cascade Ultra Pima because babies and baby things regularly need to be washed.  

And then when you look from an angle, the city appears. There is a bean down there at the bottom, if you squint.  The Philosopher found it odd that the Hancock Building didn't also have antennae, so something you might want to add (it wasn't on the pattern chart) if you live with a traditionalist. 

I'm not sure if I'll ever do shadow knitting again, but it was good to know that I could and this turned out very adorably.

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