Sunday, February 21, 2016

Return of the Knitting

My knitting productivity has been down over the past month. I developed an issue with my right shoulder--which is my dominant side--and it's taken 3 appointments with my massage therapist to things reset. I'm back to normal now but there's been a lot of ibuprofen in the meantime and some knitting avoidance, as knitting for more than a few minutes started causing reminder twinges.

Once the worst of the pain was gone, suddenly all I wanted to do again was knit. So some projects are making way again and I'm hoping to get a few things done and off the needles sooner rather than later.

One thing underway is the socks for my spring Loopy Academy project. I am using Wendy Johnson's book Socks from the Toe Up as my general guideline and the Into the Whirled Pakkoku Sock yarn. I started with the "Easy Toe" to get things going. Everything else seemed to require waste yarn and a crochet hook or strange p3tog instructions, so I opted for easy. I figure I can always try something else on the next sock or next pair. 

I started ribbing on the top of the sock once I finished the toe (and a few more rows, to be honest) and knit until about 2" shorter than my foot length before doing a garter flap heel from Wendy's book. 

Now, I'm slowly motoring up the leg. 

I'm surprised how long the leg seems to be taking.  This seems to be beyond what it normally takes me to knit 70 rounds, even knowing that my yarn hasn't been seeing a whole lot of love of late. I suspect that because I knit stockinette on the bottom of the foot of socks, that goes much faster and so my expectation for how long a row takes is skewed now that I'm knitting all 1x1 ribbing.  The sock seems to fit, so far and I only have another 50 ish rows until cast off.  

The nice weather and not dressing like a marshmallow might also help me get more knitting done too. We shall see. 

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