Saturday, February 6, 2016

Loopy Academy Semester 4

I got my Loopy Academy Spring Semester Yarn! I think that perhaps I have managed to not over extend myself.  Possibly.

The prompts for this semester are

1) A pair of socks in whatever is least familiar construction -- toe up/top down. So for me that's toe up.
2) A project with both a solid yarn and a multi color yarn.
3) A project with twisted stitches

I nearly decided to just go with three pair of socks, but that seemed too straight forward and one is supposed to be trying something new.

Each project need only be 225 yards. I didn't manage to rein myself in entirely but I did pretty well.

My plans...

1) Break out my copy of the Tsock Tsarina's Tsock 101 kit--it's here somewhere and use that or my copy of Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up to get a pair of toe up socks sorted. That should be fairly straight-forward.

2) The middle skein has a mini skein of dark brown with it--so I'm going to start with the solid and then switch to the multi-color skein for a shawlette. Currently I'm thinking Wendy Johnson's Lady Bertram pattern.

3) Yes, I did look for a Wendy Johnson pattern with twisted stitches for a trifecta but all she had posted were sock patterns and I was hoping for at least one pattern I could knock out quickly. So I found Skull Coast Hat, which is knit in DK. And I got some BMFA Heavyweight.

No projects in the 1000 yard length, nothing too crazy. And I'm hoping Wendy's lace will be memorialize-able--I expect it to be.  And pretty colors and well.

Of course, this means I want to abandon all the WIPs currently taking up residency in the living room.

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