Monday, July 7, 2014

Hope is a Thing with Sweaters

If I have any hope of finishing my Stash Dash 5K this summer, I'm going to have to get these two sweaters done. They'll knocked out about 40% of my goal and I am going to need that kind of progress very soon, having only reached just over 25% completed.

When last we saw the brown sweater, wow, that's been a month ago already, anyway I was describing my ripping out of the body to reknit. I finished the body again, adding 4" of decreases over 5 inches and then increasing 1" for the ribbing at the bottom, and doing much longer ribbing. I used up the majority of the yarn that I'd originally used for the body, there's about a third of a skein that didn't get reused. Extra ribbing helped to eat up the yarn.

IMG_7149 (2)

All that's left now is one sleeve. This will require a bit of fiddliness, some attention actually being paid, possibly some row counting, and so it's been stuffed in a bag and left.  I was lamenting before of how many of these projects need just one thing to turn the corner to done and apparently the sleeve is it on this one.

I have made some progress on the Harvest Sky blue sweater. I'm most of the way down the body.

IMG_7158 (2)

I need to put it onto a 2nd needle so I can figure out exactly where it's sitting on me currently so I can decide how much longer to go before knitting the 4" of garter bottom edging. I have a long body, so I know I want more length than the body calls for. I could have done a bit of shaping here as well and, my luck, I may rip it back and do some doctoring but I think I'll mind a little shapelessness less in the cardigan than in a pullover.  I am already thinking about the possible need for a belt.

Here's the bottom half:


And you can see I have one of my Wee Ones Stitch markers keeping me company. It's in the model of my nephew, the Bichon Frise--who has asked for a purple sweater this year for his birthday. Which is in 6 weeks. As I don't think I'll get the knitting I'd planned for his mother done by then, I should at least get his sweater turned out.


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