Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Team Purple

Look, it's another Philosopher Triangle! If anyone was concerned that he doesn't get enough knitting done for him or for those who'd like to verify their current count: this is triangle 5 since March. At this rate he should have a nice selection for the 9 months out of the year that one needs some kind of warming neck garment.

This one is intended for the tailgates that we start going to in August and September. While he might not wear it in August, as the temperatures drop, this one I expect to be in regular Saturday rotation for 8 a.m. tailgating for Northwestern University.

In a vague and general way, this is based on the Yvaine pattern. That is to say, I knit Yvaine a couple of years ago, remembered a little about the pattern, borrowed the increases from Brass and Steam, grabbed the needle size that seemed most appropriate for the yarn and have been making things up as I go.

IMG_7153 (2)

It's a mostly stockinette triangle with stripes of garter and seed stitch to keep it laying flat and to keep me from being entirely bored.  I'm increasing 4 stitches every right side row, 2 stitches every wrong side row.  I've got a count of 50 (75? --something I counted 2x) so that I don't have to count quite as many stitches each time I need to verify that I'm close.

IMG_7156 (2)

I've got another 4" (10cm) to add to the center point before I'm done. This is being knit out of The Loopy Ewe Solids. I've used most of one skein so far, I expect to use up a half skein that was loitering in the stash to finish it.  I still have one skein left so I'm thinking about short fingerless mitts or some such for one of the other tailgating fans. Or maybe just a raft of baby hats as many of those people have recently familial additions.

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