Friday, January 3, 2014

Why Aren't You Wearing a Hat?

Chicago has come through the snowstorm and today the sky is a brilliant blue with only the barest wisps of clouds.

It was -2F (-18C) when I left the house this morning, so it's amusing to read the New York Times telling us that it's "brutally cold" at 13 degrees. That said, I look north to my friends in Montreal and am grateful that it's a bit warmer here and headed up for the next 24 hours.

People watching on the train this morning saw all sorts of winter gear in full effect. I have a not-very-well-developed theory about why Chicago people prefer to wear ridiculously bright clothing all summer and how it's reactionary to being in our black coats all winter. Well, in my case, my down coat is cream and I look like a giant marshmallow from December thru March but everywhere I'm surrounded by black coats with some brown, some grey, and the very occasional pop of bright color. It makes everything and everyone seem very muted. I'm sure someone will remind me of that next summer when my eyes are searing from seeing how the spring 2014 Pantones (Freesia, really?) play out. (Also can't peplum die?)

We've also reached the point where I'm pretty judgmental of people who don't wear a hat. Up until now, okay, fine, if you want to have cold ears, that's up to you. Now? Even the Philosopher is wearing his ear warmers and, honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if he had borrowed one of my hats and worn it to the office today. [And yes, that's a self-reminder that a) I'm making him new mitts and haven't made enough progress and b) I bought yarn last year to hodgepodge together a hat for him that he promises to actually wear.]

Knitting continues slowly. I've got another inch or so done on the first sock. I was reading on my commutes yesterday and this morning, but I finished that book--Confessions of an Arranged Marriage by Miranda Neville, borrowed on my tablet from the library--so on the way home I have Terry Pratchett (Eric) and knitting to do.

Hoping you have a warm and indoor weekend wearing all the wool! Go put on a hat.

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