Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Freshly Started

Happy New Year!!

It's snowing heavily outside. We're getting lake effect snow and, when last I looked at, it told me that while we've gotten 8 inches of snow in the past 24 hours, that's only been about 0.4 inches of actual water. So it's light, fluffly, and it hasn't really stopped snowing since midday yesterday.

I ventured out midday to move my car. Once we get 4 inches of snow, we're considered to be under a snow emergency and Evanson puts alternate side parking rules into effect for a bit. While we haven't heard the sirens yet (we'll hear a short blast around 8 p.m. of the tornado sirens), that will be our notification that tomorrow we have to follow those rules. Having watched it snow all of yesterday afternoon and evening, it seemed pretty intuitive that tomorrow, my first day back to work, we'll have to observe the alternate parking and I wanted to get my car cleared off and moved while it was light out and while I could see a couple of parking spots. It's likely we'll need to observe on Friday as well and tomorrow evening it will be late and dark when I get home from work and then will get to hunt around for a parking spot where I can leave the car for Friday.

The days are beginning to be a little bit longer but I won't be coming home in the light for some time yet.

I did take knitting to the New Year's Eve party we attended last night. While I'm sure any of my current projects on the go would have been acceptable knitting --and while I didn't do a whole lot of knitting, rows were still knit. The new socks have begun. I've been really surprised and pleased with how the yarn (Baah! La Jolla) is knitting up. I was expecting spiral or pools but at 60 stitches/1x1 ribbing it's just stacking up green on purple. It's an acid green apple with a vibrant grape jelly.

Seeing a little other love recently is the second pair of mitts. Forgive the sepia toned picture. My camera battery decided it didn't feel like charging and I cannot get my cell phone to focus as well, nor can I seem to get colors correctly at all.

And the Philosopher's requested mitts, though this hasn't really been touched in a few days.

Somewhere around the apartment is also the blue hat, now with several inches of stockinette added to the ribbing, but I can't find it. I know I had it yesterday when I was at lunch (Korean BBQ, we met up with a couple of friends who are very nearly parents) but my rummage around the apartment didn't turn up anything.  Hopefully it'll show up in the next dig about.  

Hoping that you're staying warm and not having to dig too much snow.  I'm back to work tomorrow so it's the return of commute knitting and squeezing in a few rows here and there in the evening.  Off into 2014!

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