Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Giant Blue Square

Ever since I finished AudioGirl's bathroom rug, she's been raving of how squishy it is. As that was the better part of two years ago, it's had some decent durability. As I'm casually and sort of optimistically participating in the KnitGirllls' Stash Dash (4K), I decided I would finally get a kitchen rug done for Chez Hedgehog.

This was knit in a very short 15 days. These seem to be marathon projects, done quickly but still requiring a lot. It's already take up residence in the kitchen and I too will attest to it's squishiness.

I knit it out of two pounds of cotton, still of course using yarn from the mass buy when Pisgah changed hands a couple of years ago. Colorways were Gettysburg and Williamsburg Blue. I used a size 11 (8.0 mm) needle.

Hold the yarn doubled, cast on 60 stitches, garter stitch until you're almost out of yarn, bind off.  I stayed up a little later than planned last night watching a new-to-me podcast "Two Tangled Skeins" and finishing it up. I even wove in all of the ends right away.


There was one knot in each skein--not anywhere near each other--so I had to deal with those. It's another 788 yards to add to my count for the summer. I've only got another approximately 2800 yards to go.

I don't recommend trying these a lot if you have any wrist trouble. The weight--a full two pounds--gets heavy quickly and having to flip it around a lot gets tiring. Also, do 55 stitches, you get a little narrower/longer rectangle.  This will do though.

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