Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sock Show Thursday: What Remains to Be Knit

I didn't quite make it through the last toe of the last sock of 2012 by the end of NYE, despite valiantly carrying the project bag around the party. I can't imagine why that didn't work. Just because I had snacks in one hand and ginger champagne in the other.  I did manage to keep leaving the project bag places when I paused for photos, more snacks, etc--and the Philosopher and other guests kept finding it and returning it to my arm.  None of them knit a few rows before returning it, and there were at least two other knitters there.  So disappointing.

Apr17 027Anyway, you've not seen these as yet. They're part of that "Oh, look at the 50% off sale on KPPPM" that I ran into in April 2011. This stuff calls itself fingering weight but I'd say that needs to be with the word light ahead of it. I can't knit it on anything thicker than size 0 needles. At least it stripes interestingly though!

This unnamed colorway I called Flower Basket. It's got a nice primary blue with pink/red and yellow and green.

And here's proof that I almost have two complete socks!

The striping is just that apparent in person so these are destined for a stripe lover. 

I checked the sizing and I'm just to the point that I need to knit the toe on these. Normally that'd be an easy train ride home but the highs in Chicago have been less than freezing and I haven't quite found a way to make mittens compatible with knitting.

Oh, one other thing I'll note. The heel and toe portions of these have been knit with Rosewood DPNs that Sibling-the-Elder got me for my birthday! They're so incredibly flexible--it's very different from my usual metal needles. Also, I've learned I have to be very careful where I stuff the bag, accidentally broke one.  If you have an especially tight hand, you might want to use only larger sizes.  

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