Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sock Show Thursday: Wishful Water Thinking

I think I've figured out part of the problem I was having with my knitting mojo, which had gone down to sporadic and minimal at best. It appears mostly to have been an episode of "I've been knitting the same pairs of socks on size 0 needles forever and ever and I'm bored with the yarn and they are size 0 needles and tiny yarn..."

Fortunately, a recent trip to Loopy remedied this problem. I picked up a skein of Baah! La Jolla in Brazilian Emerald and yet another pair of size 1 DPNs. Hey, the yarn stash still isn't unpacked (though maybe I could do that tonight). Anyway, add a week or so of time to that, finally loading some audiobooks on my mp3 player for the commute and tada: 1.5 new socks. 

Also, the blue in this is much more teal but the camera on my phone is convinced otherwise and so far I haven't been able to talk it into anything else. See The Loopy Ewe for a truer color. 

I'm working out the gusset on the second sock.  This is, as per usual, my plain vanilla 2x2 rib sock pattern with one small alteration: the gusset decreases are going at the back of the heel rather than the side of the foot. This leads to that rather interesting looking arch that you see in the upper photo. The Philosopher says that they look like high heeled socks. I find the fit interesting, certainly different. Obviously I've not had a chance to wear them and see how they work out but I'll give it a shot.  

Yes, I actually decided to keep these. Most of the socks I knit these days are intended for other people. I have a healthy sock drawer and I don't actually wear my handknit socks to work most of the time--the shoes I wear aren't roomy enough for that. I do have some obligation knitting coming up soon, mostly for the holidays. Being forced to deal with all of your stuff does tend to lend itself to desiring to USE UP your stuff. I find that I'm getting past the attachment of wanting the beautiful yarn to be mine forever and ever.  There's a lot of beautiful yarn out there and I want to feel comfortable purchasing more, not thinking about my stash in a guilty fashion.  Hopefully immediate family won't mind getting yet more woolly things for upcoming birthdays and Christmas. 

I've still got a fair bit of skein left, and should even after I finish the foot on sock 2--which I expect to be tomorrow.  I need to decide if I'm doing some kind of left over sock yarn project relatively soon, I'm starting to amass quite a lot of leftovers. Perhaps another log cabin? Can you imagine all the ends?  

I haven't yet gotten completed pictures of the pair of black socks I was working on a while back or the pair of blue sky socks that I finished up more recently. I also have dug out the navy blue socks to get those done.  Of course, when my options are happy shiny teal with shots of green or staid navy blue, you can guess what's gotten worked on.  There's nothing wrong with the yarn, it's Louet Gems, it's just not new and shiny.  Must work through that desire for happy sparkly time and get that second sock rolling. Once it's started and I actually knit on it, what do you want to bet more progress will be made than when I leave it sitting on my desk just out of line of sight?  

Finally, I was going to start the Windsor socks on 0s but I've had enough of making myself face size 0s--especially as I still have a navy blue sock that needs that circular. So the Windsor yarn is waiting for the size 1 DPNs and then it too will be off and rolling.  

How's your knitting going? 

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