Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Permission to Weed

I've actually gotten a fair amount of knitting done! But it's all socks, so I'm waiting until Thursday to show it off.  Last weekend I traveled to Cincinnati to see my last unwedded cousin* off into matrimony. As Sibling-the-Elder handled the driving from the west side of Indianapolis down and back again, I got to spend that time with needles in hand.  

I find it interesting how people react to my knitting when I knit on public transportation. Inevitably, someone nudges the person next to them and tries to surreptitiously point out what I'm doing. A surprising number of people avoid sitting next to me but will sit close enough that they can still watch. Recently, an older woman spent the entire ten minutes we were seated next to each other scooting as far away as possible, as though I was going to contaminate her by moving a 9" circular and blue yarn. I find it particularly amusing when I've let my mind wander and I'm gazing blankly out the window, only to snap back to reality inside the car and see someone obviously fascinated that I'm knitting without watching my hands. The slow magic of 2x2 ribbing, fellow train riders, let me show you it.  

At home, I've been attempting to bring the cardboard under control. It's a long process, not helped by full work days, a few social obligations (see above re: wedding), train time, etc. I did make a large dent in unpacking clothing, which alleviates some of the morning challenges. As I've been unpacking, things have been going through an evaluation again and that's both a relief and frustrating.  So far I've been trying to give myself permission to get rid of clothing that doesn't fit properly, summer clothing that I haven't worn in several years, and clothing that really isn't appropriate considering my age, profession, and usual sartorial choices. I already have two paper grocery bags full and the more I think about it, the more I want to clear out. Linen pants that make me look dumpy, full length skirts that are awkward to walk in, I'm looking at you!

Clothing is easier to weed that most things. It's also a lot easier to unpack. Both the Philosopher and I have a lot of boxes of "stuff" that needs to find homes--potentially homes other than ours. We keep commenting that  we haven't used or missed a lot of what is in boxes in over a month, do we really need all of it?  Obviously, the Christmas ornaments don't count here, but I'd prefer to lean on the side of weeding than holding on to things.

This last couple of years have been lower on the wool buying side, but there's still plenty of yarn around the new Chez Hedgehog. Most of it is sitting in a GIANT box that needs to be opened, reviewed, pruned, and put somewhere. I'm trying to determine if I can use wire boxes the Philosopher already had or if that will just be too much of an invitation for Pyewacket.  I'd love to get a couple of full length glass bookcases so I can see the yarn but shut it off from felines, but that's long term planning.  Short term, I'm sticking with my bins and hat boxes.  Once things are unpacked, I want to do some extended planning for things I'll knit for myself or the few people I regularly knit for.** Planning like picking out and printing patterns, putting things together with needles, and allotting train time.  

How many more people can I freak out on my daily transit? Only time will tell. 

*Now it's just my siblings and I on that side of the family. The other side, we don't get invited to the weddings, though I've contributed to the family knitted blankets.  
** I suggest Franklin Habit's recent post about Yarnworthiness if you're curious who I knit for. 

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