Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sock Show Thursday: All Ewetopia, All the Time

I know I've spoken about my love for Ewetopian Fiber Arts and Kathryn's color sense and wonderfully luscious sport weight merino base. It's the only socks I have going at the moment so everyone around me has gotten to see and feel the yarn and to a knitter (and yes, there were both male and female knitters feeling it up), they've all thought it was incredibly wonderful.  Mostly I just get the shaded solids in the merino but she has interesting color mixes and a base with bamboo in it as well.

I did finally finish the purple socks that are for me.  They turned out quite nicely and should we have cold weather next year in Chicago, I'll be breaking them out.  Or an April blizzard, I'm not quite convinced I can put up all my sweaters just yet--though I did take stuff to the dry cleaner before leaving for conference.



I had some trouble getting my camera to cooperate on the color. This third picture, taken with flash mostly to try and get the right color, is the closest. It's a warmer red purple than the other pictures are showing.


Also, you can see my assistant's tail.

And I thought I was done with the first green sock for the Philosopher, but I had him try them on before he got on his return plane and discovered that I had started the toe too soon. So I ripped back, I've knit more rows, and then I decided rather than trying again--I'll wait til I get his foot available again before starting the toe.


I've cast on the second sock and am working down the leg of that during conference presentations. I'm totally going to run out of socks before Easter.  Start the hyperventilating now.  

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