Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Au Revoir Knitter's Niche

The first yarn store that I went to after moving to Chicago was the Knitter's Niche. It was walking distance from AudioGirl and I's apartment, how could I not be thrilled! And the owner, MaryAnn, was the first person to introduce me to Malabrigo. Unfortunately, due to moving away and getting more into sport and finger weight yarn, and then living in a very different neighborhood, I haven't made it back often, but when I heard that she was retiring and the shop would be closing, I wanted to make one more trek.

I hauled the Philosopher over with me.  It was good to chat with MA about what she'll do now (shows, a cruise, grandchildren) and she had things very reasonably discounted. She doesn't like knitting socks--so there wasn't a whole lot there that leaped off the shelf at me since I was looking for neither lace nor sweaters, but I found a couple of things that "had" to follow me home.

First up was some Berroco Sox. And they are blue. I know, I know, going out on such a limb for my color palette.  More blue sock yarn. In addition to the bin of blue sock yarn I already own.  Also, it will self pattern/stripe/some such a little bit--if you will recall the last Sox that I made that I lovingly referred to as the Ugly Socks

Apr17 002

I've still never worn those, they're over at AudioGirl's still waiting to be overdyed. At least this yarn is closer to my colors.



And hopefully one of my friends will pop up and say "Oh...those socks for me!" and I'll have a good home to send them off to.  If not, there is always black dye. The Incredibly Patient Mother needs more black socks. :)

I also grabbed a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy. I have knitted with this before, a yellow hat that AudioGirl still wears as her main winter beret.  I haven't done anything of late though and this color was pretty appealing.



It's called Cinnamon Girl and it's a smidge more orange than the camera was willing to show. I'm not sure I'll make it into socks, perhaps this is destined for a scarf or some such.

That is, of course, assuming that I can keep it away from Gypsy.


The Philosopher got more needles. He's going to need a circular needle case in the near future.

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