Friday, January 13, 2012

With Squee

Once I really plunged into the online knitting world a few years ago (I'd say knitting itself but there's a gray afghan in Iowa that will attest I've never really stopped knitting), I quickly became a fan of the Yarn Harlot. Anyone that willing to share their successes and failures with equal candor was high on my list of people I wanted to know.

I own all of her books and I've read the entire Yarn Harlot blog archives. I've seen her speak in person at least three times and yes, I've even watched all of the clips of her I could find on YouTube.

Stephanie is an engaging and incredibly funny speaker. She points out, very pragmatically, how if she were talking about any subject other than knitting, we'd all be far more likely strongly disagree with her. And I have to give her credit for being willing to go on two week book tours and talk and read to the tops of a bunch of heads as so many of us are face down in our needles.

Last fall, during her most recent book tour, I got to see her outside of Chicago. I am in the top photo of that post, a tiny little dot near the very back towards the center right. The Philosopher had come along to watch my hero worship and be amused. I wanted him to show Stephanie his first ever project (a bunny nugget by Rebecca Danger); he declined.

Stephanie was headed on to other places but I wanted to make sure she was well armed. I brought her a beverage from a local brewery (Metropolitan, their stuff is really delicious), a flat bottle opener (in case she ran into more non-screw top beer, which was what I'd brought her), and some Starbucks instant coffee in a vain attempt to ward off her being without coffee for at least a couple of stops.

She was appreciative of the beer and was happy to stand with me for the picture. And I think we more than overwhelmed the poor little bookstore staff--who were long since out of chairs and just couldn't figure out what to do with MORE knitters. (They were also, from the sounds of it, low on copies of her new book to sell us and pretty low on patience.)

Thanks for coming Stephanie. When do we get another audiobook?

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  1. Aaahhh! I'm jealous! The one time she's been to Nashville, I was out of town!


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