Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sock Show Thursday: Plodding

The nice part about blogging is that I can't get you sick through a computer screen (though the Beerophile SysAdmin is claiming otherwise).  I'm definitely under the weather, I was home ill yesterday and managed to get almost no knitting done. Sleeping, yes, but I wasn't up to knitting.

But it's Thursday and there have been a couple of opportunities wherein knitting was okay and I wasn't working on the blanket strip of doom. (Why am I knitting a blanket strip for a cousin I don't speak to? *sigh*)

I'm headed to Dallas tomorrow morning. Don't worry, Pyewacket and Gypsy will be supervised the Trombone Player, who is exceptionally gracious in his willingness to play endless rounds of chase the rope toy.  I'll be at a conference that is almost entirely meetings that I'm not required to take notes for.  Hooray!

That means travel knitting! It's the better part of a three hour flight, time at the airport, many friends who knit available for dinner at the conference and me not feeling up to much more than sport weight wool.

Airplane Knitting:
Klock's Mittens

Don't have a picture for you at the moment. They're bright purple and I need to get them done. I'm knitting a modified version of the Scottish Fleet Mittens from Sock Yarn: One Skein Wonders.  No patterning, just ribbing and they'll be flip tops.  Mostly I needed stitch count and thumb instructions.  It works for me.

Conference Knitting:
Gray Socks above and in a fit of KNIT ALL THE THINGS (along with read, write, edit, listen to, etc...) I packed two skeins of Ewetopia Fiber Shop Merino Sportweight.

I have Royal Robes. which will be socks for me I think...we'll see.


and Fir Bough, which has been designated as the next pair of socks for the Philosopher.


That's all I'm taking. If I run out of knitting, I'll just have to go find a couple of wool shops in Dallas.  Won't that be a hardship.  (Also, if I manage to churn out 2.5 pair of socks and a 1.5 mittens in four days, look for flames to be coming off my needles--it's not impossible, but not really probable.)

Now then, while I am almost packed I still have about 30 things on my to do list before I leave for the airport at 8 a.m. tomorrow.

If you're anywhere near where I am (it's 6F right now, headed down to -2F), please stay warm.

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