Monday, August 15, 2011

Luck Go With a Lady Last Night....

The Lucky Socks are done! Annnnnd, they've already been wrapped up and gifted so you don't get a final sock picture.

It was my friend Katie's birthday last week. Katie asked me a while back to help her learn how to knit socks and while we've started, we've both been so crazy busy that progress has been really slow.  I thought this might inspire her again.

Imagine that the needles are gone and there's a toe:

Now it's been all Rainbow Stripe Socks all the time. I'm through the gusset decreases on Sock 2. I broke it out at a couple of social events this weekend--not the wedding or reception, but at a post official wedding festivities bar the following day and at a rousing round of Rock Band. We discovered that using a size 0 knitting needle is a much easier way to get the tambourine sounds for the vocals than smacking the mic against our hands, legs, etc.  Easier on the mic than banging it on the table too.  

The Philosopher's Belt has gotten no love, the black socks that I started for my mum have gotten zero knitting time. The afghans I keep meaning to finish are sitting gathering dust.  So what have I done?

I've volunteered to test knit a sweater by the end of September. A sweater in fingering weight. On size 3 needles. I've gone through my stash virtually (thank you Ravelry!) and figured out which of two yarns I think will be most appropriate and where I have enough yardage. I'll swatch in the very near future and see what I can do with them. 

Tomorrow finds me in an eight hour meeting (then I get to go back to work for three hours! Yay). Hopefully some of that time can be knitting time. I have a sock to finish. 

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