Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Down the Stripes

I was charging right along through the summer, knitting up a storm, and then I hit some brick wall.

Part of it came from a sore right hand. I knit through the fourth of July weekend unceasingly. The definition of a process knitter, I knit because it's soothing and keeps me from fidgeting in other, less socially appropriate ways. Just leave me in the corner to knit, really. Only, I'd overdone it and knitting for very long began to hurt. That's never a good sign. 

A lot of it has been just being really overwhelmed recently. The Philosopher can attest that of late I've been incredibly frustrated and grumpy mostly because I don't feel that I've got a good handle on everything that needs to be done, I don't have enough evenings at home, and I don't have enough reading/knitting time. Not being able to step back, step out and allow myself the recuperation time is really wearing on me. 

So mostly I've just been carrying knitting around. There hasn't been much progress, just yarn a few inches away waiting on me.  And today the few stitches here and there are finally starting to feel as though they add up.

I'm just ready to turn the heel on Sock 2 of the Rainbow Stripes.  Everything is still fine with these socks, size 0 needles, KPPPM yarn, my standard vanilla 2x2 rib. I'm still amused watching the stripes coil around the leg and, thinking about the person they are intended for when done, hoping that they will like them. 

Knitting's my detox time and my escape and too little of that makes for a really sad and frustrated hedgehog. Hoping to fix that soon.

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