Sunday, August 8, 2010

That Shawl...

So, at some point I agreed to knit something for a fundraiser. I found out later that the fundraiser had two objectives, not just one, and while the second has nothing wrong with it per se (establishing a scholarship), it's not what was presented to me when the request for knitted donation was originally made. It's not something I could back out of graciously, so I dug through my stash for some yarn.

I came up with a skein of Zen Yarn Garden in the Tencelicious base, Mango colorway.


I went through a few patterns and picked out the Falling Water Scarf. Cast on.....and immediately got bored with it. It wasn't going to be wide enough, in my opinion, even with blocking, and I wasn't sure how long I'd get it to be if I made it another repeat or two wider. I only had one skein.


So it was back to the drawing board. Ultimately I landed on Yvaine.  It's my second Feministy pattern this year and it's pretty straight forward. I turned on Season 3 of The Closer (thank you Kyra Sedgwick and co) and churned through it. One season and several podcasts later--it's done but for weaving in the two ends.

I set it to rinse in some Soak and came back a few minutes later to find that it was bleeding all over my bathroom sink.  *sigh*....And yes, I've since gotten to bleach said sink twice--the water got darker than that in next ten minutes I left it rinsing.

Rinsing Pink Shawl

Pink Shawl

And yes, there's an error on the right side--I dropped a stitch. I picked it back up and it's not really noticeable unless one is taking a bright picture when it's all stretched out. As the look this fall is reversing scarves around the neck (which I don't get at all), shouldn't be an issue once I take the pins out.

What ultimately it's meant is that I'm going to be a lot more hesitant about participating in fundraisers. I love giving people knitted gifts. It's a huge joy for me to wrap family in the work of my hands. I like helping with fundraisers. I'm generally quite happy to knit a hat or scarf or something to go into a pot, and last year I offered either the yarn or the yarn made into something for a fundraiser. The winner ultimately took the yarn but the offer was made.  If I'm asked again by the person running this one, I will be saying no, because I don't like the multi-mission that was sprung on me. And if I'm asked to participate in any others....I know a few more questions to ask before I say yes.  

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