Monday, June 14, 2010

Warm Ears...

One of the clearest signs of fall at the library is me moving into my favorite knitted headband. Made from slightly less than a single skein of Karabella Aurora 8, it's a huge part of my fall and winter wardrobe. There's something to be said for keeping your head warm.

Which is probably why my mom requested one. These knit up fairly quickly and are invaluable on days one doesn't feel like having hat hair.

Pattern: Hugs and Kisses with Love Headband from by Nancy Bowron from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders

Modifications: I do the hugs and kisses cables, but not the hearts and I make it a little narrower than called for.  I prefer just the ribbing in the back for snugness. From looking at Ravelry, it looks like a lot of us leave the hearts out.

I don't have anybody local that carries Karabella Aurora 8 so one of the trips down to Ewetopia Fiber Shop I asked Kathryn for something of equal "sproing." Thank heavens she understood what I meant. Berroco Merino DK and Berroco Inca were the alternate suggestions and I'm pleased with both.


I need to make a few more of these is a variety of colors...fall is coming!

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