Thursday, May 27, 2010


When Miss V moved off Rav and back to the LnV boards (pre-the Lime and Violet site going down permanently *insert sad here*), the intrepid mizzadamz suggested a swap.

It was my first one of these, I've been trying lots of new things this year--and it was fun pulling things together for my swap partner and then waiting for the mail.

When it arrived Gypsy had to inspect and claim the box for her own. 

We opened to find another box...and Gypsy continued inspection

Would you look at all that cool stuff!!

Yes, there's really a blow up wig. Gypsy thinks she should get to wear it for Halloween. We're negotiating.

A kit to make an adorable sheep!!  I thought it was pencil roving (it kinda seems like pencil roving--just saying) but it's labeled "organic stuffing."  I'm not fully convinced but the kit looks like so much fun! (Just as soon as it isn't 90 degrees  every day....)

And a gorgeous skein of Old Maiden Aunt handpainted yarn--Merino/Bamboo. It's fingering weight and delicious!

And there were chocolate and gummy treats!

What fun! Thanks so much to my swap partner Sharon!

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