Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scottish Surprise

A close friend of mine (waves towards Madison, WI) got stuck in the ash cloud from the volcano. She and her husband had been scheduled to fly home and things should have been okay--except for the backlog of fliers trying to get out of the U.K.

Such it was she was left scrambling for accommodations--did anyone know of a place they could crash for a couple of nights while their flight days were pushed back something like 5 days? Hotels were an option but a highly costly one--and this would already cost her in vacation time.

It so happens she was in Edinburgh, where a friend of my mine lives. I've never met that friend, but if you dig through the archives on Hedgehog Librarian, you'll find Jennie mentioned. I tweeted a little frantically.  And Jennie came through for them: a friend had an open flat they could borrow until it was time to fly back.

It was quite the all's well that ends well and they got home safe and to well fed cats (the joy of good cat-sitters!).

And then a package turned up for me at work this week. It came in a Pet Pills box.  As I'd not ordered her furriness any medications, I knew it couldn't be anything I'd purchased. 


I opened to find Scottish Tweed--colors that reminded my friend of the views around her.

It's a slightly rougher yarn--not the smooth of merino but a crispier feel. And it will be something I can make and remind me of what happened and the somewhat frantic attempts to connect--via Twitter, Friendfeed and email, from Wisconsin to Edinburgh.

This yarn comes with memories already packaged.

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