Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Gypsy's life is pretty challenging. She has to figure out exactly what time I've gone to sleep so as to wake me up and start demanding breakfast no less than four but no more than five hours later. She has to bask in the masses of sunshine this apartment gets. She has to chew on all of the spider plants and make me fear for the life of my amaryllis. She has to unwind designated "Gypsy yarn balls" around the apartment in intricate spiderwebs so I then have to crawl around and rewind (to her great amusement). 

But every girl needs her retreat. Gypsy started climbing my storage boxes about a week after she moved in. The box on the top didn't have a lid on it, I'm sure it did once but no longer. There were papers and some other random things in it. Once I got tired of her messing with the papers, etc and removed them, this became her favorite retreat. Quite often I'll go looking for her and all I can see are the tips of her ears peeking over the edge.  I put some fleece from the fabric stash in there to make it more comfortable and from all appearances, notes mostly taken from evenings and weekends off, she spends quite a few naps up there. 

Here's the corner box pile, note the ear tips:

If you can't see my eyes, you can't see me...right?:

Mom, I'm trying to snooze here:

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