Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Mousie came to live with us shortly after Gypsy did. Mousie was a gift from my coworker Debbie and looks quite realistic. We got a lot of toys there at the beginning and, what with all of the fun we were having with rattle balls and mini Catnip mice, Mousie stayed for a while in reserve.

Mousie came out to play whilst I was in Egypt--for upon my return Mousie had become Most Favored Toy. Gypsy would fly around the apartment, swinging wildly at Mousie, carrying Mousie around triumphantly, and making sure her kill was truly dead. 

Only, like anything with a seam, this kind of love, play, and abuse is tough on a Mousie.  The center seam, running down Mousie's belly, began to split and now I began to find little tufts of stuffing around the apartment, indicating a rousing bout of chase the Mousie. 

Ultimately, all of Mousie's stuffing was missing.  Mousie was a limp shell of mouse-like shape.  Worse yet, Mousie disappeared.

Now--there are only so many places in this apartment.  Granted, there are apparently enough of them that a half dozen catnip mice can disappear never to be found again but on one momentous evening I went fishing under the fridge with a coat hanger.  And--there was Mousie! Unstuffed, dusty, and rather pathetic looking--but still, Mousie.

Mousie flopped around the apartment for a few days before being relegated to a corner under the kitchen table.  I had Olympic Knitting to do and Gypsy didn't seem quite so interested anymore. 

Until last night.  In a fit of trying to get her to let me focus for five minutes without knocking something off the table or wailing piteously (it's like having a toddler!) I grabbed a bit of stuffing and Mousie and needle and thread.

Now, I'm decent with needle and thread, years of 4-H and other sewing (growing up with a professional seamstress never hurts) and working in costume shops tends to do that to a girl.  This, however, was less about beauty and more about trying to keep the sides of Mousie together for a smidge longer than before.

With a dark blue seam up the stomach--Mousie returned to life as Frankenmousie.  And, as I grabbed the camera, I started gaining interest from Gypsy.

Before I could get two pictures take, Frankenmousie was grabbed out of my hand.  Gypsy began flinging Frankenmousie around the apartment, chasing, chewing and having a marvelous time. I considered putting Frankenmousie in a drawer when at 4 a.m. Frankenmousie got flung onto my neck, followed shortly by all 7 lbs of a very excited cat. 

I did notice, as Frankenmousie was being absconded with last night, that an ear has gone missing.  I don't think I can fix that--I have no idea where the ear has gone and I don't tend to keep spare mouse ears around.  It doesn't seem to be cause for any lack of enjoyment though. 

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