Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sock Show Thursday: The Ignored

It's April and I've only finished one pair of socks so far this year. Granted, those were on size 0 and if I would just buckle down I'd be at 3 pair in about 4-5 knitting hours, but acknowledging that is far less fun. It's better to just stuff these projects into my various knitting bags and pretend I've never heard of them right?



Well, I still might not finish them before Stash Dash starts, because the idea of being 500+ yards in on a 5K (probably my goal this summer) with just a couple of toes to knit is very appealing.  But I'll at least admit these projects exist again, how about that?


Chugging along on size 1 needles from... oh September. Hmm, yes I guess these have been sitting a while now haven't they. It doesn't help that they got lost in the knitting pile for a few months. Just need to do the second toe.


These, on the other foot, are only 4 months old. I forgot to take them when I saw the dyer recently, they'd been left in the office.

I also don't have any work socks right now, which is problematic. Maybe I'll rustle around in the sock bin and see what is next in sock queue.  There must be something that jumps out at me, right? In theory?

If you don't hear again from me, the entire stash avalanched and the Philosopher is still trying to dig me out.

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