Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wee Ones

I keep an extensive listing of babies that have come into the Philosopher and I's life in the past few years. Some of the earlier ones are headed to Kindergarten this fall, which boggles the mind. And some are very new...

When I saw the new Flaxlight pattern, I had to try it out for a couple of friends.  As with Flax, I can attest that TinCanKnits provides excellent and clear directions and that 1 skein of BMFA STR Lightweight will see you through the 6 month and the 1 year size. 

Baby H got the 6 month size in Hobbit Garden. It's a little big now but I'm hoping that as the weather starts to turn where he lives (north of Chez Hedgehog) later in the year he'll get some wear out of it. 

And I'm almost done with one for Baby M, I've got one sleeve left. 


This detail shot was the closest I could get for color:


The gray seemed to be washing out the rest of the sweater.  This skein is the Frozen Valley colorway that was based on a picture and a Loopy Ewe exclusive, etc etc.  And yes, the sweater is presently inside out. I didn't want to flip it and then get annoyed when I picked up sleeve stitches and immediately then had to wrangle turning the sweater inside out.

These have been fun, but I think I like doing accessories and baby blankets more-- it's a little sad to know that these will only fit for a couple of months. Whereas we might be able to get most of a winter out of a hat, if my goddaughter is anything to go by. (Note to self: she needs another hat)

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