Monday, April 11, 2016

Be Ambitious, Over-Ambitious

The knitting cheerleaders in my head have been at it again. Of course I can knit up all the yarn in my stash super quickly and I should absolutely go whole hedgehog when Tina announces that Blue Moon is discontinuing their BFL Fingering Weight. Never mind the lack of space in the stash right now, to the colorways posthaste!!

I was apparently not the only one. Tina announced the clearance sale of BFL, which I missed, but I caught the update post a week later, where she noted that 800 skeins had been sold very quickly.  I dashed over to place my own order, though when I went back to tell a friend about it a day or two later it was gone, so I must have been on the very tail end. We can't get more? OKAY, WE WILL BUY IT ALL NOW.

I bought two skeins of each colorway: Cranberry Bogged, The Longest Night, Dancing in the Moonlight, and County Clare (clockwise from top left corner). That gives me 810 yards of each color to play with, which is a good size shawl, or a matching hat/scarf/mittens set, or maybe a 3/4 sleeved sweater. It's got a soft twist, so I don't think this will make for good socks, but I have lots of ideas and I'm sure Ravelry will help...

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