Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Not Emptying Bins

The lofty goals of emptying yarn bins quickly always go astray, especially with all the beautiful new wool in the world. Here I add only two skeins, and one doesn't count, as it was a gift. *sage nod*

A Christmas gift to go with those hedgehog bags was a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy.


It's the Amethyst Ink Colorway, a lovely royal purple mixed with black.

It's going to be a very popular skein if certain friends we see at tailgates happen to notice it. I can already hear antennae going up and oh, look at that, it's home colors, and isn't that lovely and you know my winter scarf went missing....

And with the BMFA skein I showed you already, I also succumbed to a picture that Sheri posted on The Loopy Ewe Blog when a Monday update went up.


Apparently I'm not over my rainbow kick yet. This is madelintosh tosh sock in the Electric Rainbow Colorway.  It's a little bit washed out here, the greens are brighter. This is one that is definitely going to go marinate. I have no clear plans for it and it's too soft for socks.  If anyone has any suggestions...

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