Sunday, January 31, 2016

Do Not Marinate

A lot of yarn comes to Chez Hedgehog and marinates in the stash. After being snatched up with brightest and most cheerful of intentions, it slips into the bins, photographed and documented but slightly forgotten because it's not immediately in hand. It's one of the reasons I like to open all the bins and reorganize every few months. Along with giving me a raging case of startitis, it's good to remember what I own, to love it again, and to remember that there were plans.

Other yarns, however, come into the house and I suddenly have a plan I didn't remotely think about but which must be cast on immediately.

My first yarn purchase for the year was replacing a couple of sets of DPNs that had gone wandering. (Sibling the Elder got me caught up on the small sizes, now I should be totally covered, we'll see.)

The Loopy Ewe has been working with Tina from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and created Frozen Valley, which was a Loopy Ewe Exclusive Colorway. Yes, I fell down the "exclusive" hole, even when there are buckets of other colorways at BMFA and yarns at TLE that I want.


The yarn was based on a photo taken by a photographer in Fort Collins and came with a notecard of that image so I could see the translation.


Wanting no delay in casting on, I even got out the swift just for one skein!


Gypsy helped. If you pop over to Flickr you'll see how she was climbing in my lightbox as well. Currently, she's stretched out on top of me and making it so I can't sit up straight, because that wouldn't provide as much laying-on-top-of-me room. Serving as a cat mattress has challenges.

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  1. Hello-you are cat staff and you serve at the pleasure of the cat. Being cat mattress (which FYI, is an incredible term) is really an honor


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