Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sock Show Thursday: Briefly, Greenly

I'm ignoring the last of the unfinished socks from 2015. I could be done with the first pair of 2016 but no, I shunned them and set them aside for new socks.  Bright green socks.

Fleur de Fiber has such intense colors, I find myself unsurprised that in the deepest of winter I reach for her wool. I don't need the same inspiration midsummer. But pack me onto a CTA car with 50 other people wearing a black coat and suddenly all I want is BRIGHT.

This yarn is from Stitches Midwest 2014 and was replacement for yarn left in an overhead bin.


I'm working my 1x1 ribbing over 60 stitches on size 1 (2.25 mm) needles. On one hand it's dreadfully unexciting--on the other, everyone comments on the brightness of the yarn. It's a hope of the shades to return in a few more months.

Then maybe I'll get back to those more muted purple striped socks.

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