Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lost in Greens...

Onwards with the Stitches Midwest shopping...

Partway through the vendor market, I got into a chat with Jennifer from Holiday Yarns. I have a particularly soft spot for her, though this was the first time we'd met. Jennifer sold me the Tsock Tsarina's Tsock 101 kit while I was living in Wisconsin.  From that and after one of my kids' prompting, I sat down one weekend and sorted out sock knitting.
IMG_7246 (2)

And, as I told Jennifer, I'd now reached 65 pair of socks. Since 2008. This in six years.  That's 10 pair of socks per year since beginning to knit socks. I know historically that's not very much. Certainly I wouldn't be keeping the Philosopher and I shod if all we wore were the socks that I knit (though during the winter, we're starting to get there), but it's a lot of wool and time.

To celebrate that, Jennifer gave me a skein of her FlockSock so I can continue my sock making ways.  I was really touched by her generosity.

 IMG_7247 (2)

I picked out a skein called Fathom, which is part of her Aquaman Kit. Jennifer doesn't have the Tsock Tsarina's kits anymore but she has a ton of really excellent ones and I fully expect one or two people to suddenly have a strong need for Batman socks. She's also got shawl kits including some beautiful lace, fiber, clubs, the whole skein (I was going to say the whole 9 yards but I couldn't make much with that).

I might need to save this for a special pair of socks, at least in terms of number. They're definitely going to be for me though, so I can see just how far I've come in 6 years.

My other green purchase was to replace that skein I left in the overhead bin on the way to Vegas. While Angela of Fleur de Fiber didn't have that particular shade handy, I always manage to find something in her greens that appeals to me. I promise she does dye other colors, they just don't seem to follow me home.

So this is a Fleur de Fiber one off--or what she calls Potlucky.

IMG_7239 (2)

And I've decided this doesn't really count as 'new' stash, just replacement stash. That sounds reasonable, right?

IMG_7243 (2)

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