Monday, July 27, 2015

Need New Snack Reading

The Philosopher and I had a bookish afternoon. First we wandered over to the public library to look at the giant cookbook section. He wants to do more every other week cooking and I want to do more with the crockpot that isn't me defaulting back to a couple of standard recipes.  Not that there's anything wrong with a pot of Calico Beans.

Afterwards we swung through Barnes and Noble for something he needed. I headed over to the mystery section.

I'm a cozy mystery reader. Have been pretty regularly since sixth grade when a Scholastic Book Fair flyer included one of the Cat Who mysteries by Lilian Jackson Braun. In retrospect, I'm amazed that it was--I can't imagine that flying with a lot of parents now--but I read them by the pound and listened to them on audiobook, mostly on tape. I remember when they tried to switch away from George Guidall reading and the flatout uprising of the readers--so they ended up going back to him. I have at least most of the books in well worn paperback, I'm not sure I bothered with the last 5-6. Someone really should have just refused to publish those.

Anyway, Sibling-the-Elder got me into Donna Andrews' books, which have a bird theme and I read and re-read those regularly. I started reading Emily Brightwell's Mrs. Jeffries because they were next to Lilian Jackson Braun's books at the public library. And somehow I got sucked into the Southern Cousin books by Peggy Webb--probably the covers. They're absolutely silly but they work for me.

I haven't found another series though of late that I enjoyed. I am not interested in new-bed-partner-of-the-book, which seemed to be where several authors were headed. I tried a couple of knitting ones but the last one had the woman barely past a garter stitch scarf and was painfully obnoxious.  If I'm reading for a theme, I don't mind being expected to be a bit past beginner knowledge, even if I don't fully understand, context clues should be enough.

So I ask--do you have a favorite cozy mystery author? Something funny is preferable.


  1. Have you read any Miss Fisher? She's an Australian lady detective in the late 1920's. They're fairly quick reads and there are 20 books. Maybe not cozy, but wonderful, stylish, and the characters are great.

    1. I've never been able to get into Phryne....just grates wrong on my reading nerves.


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