Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stash Dash: Something of a Plan

Stash Dash 2015 finally kicked off on Friday and I started sprinting to finish my Loopy Ewe Academy Spring Semester Freshman projects. I got two done over the weekend! Hooray! More pictures and details on those soon, they just need a bath, block and photos.

Finishing those puts me at a solid start of around 1200 yards towards what I'm hoping will be an easy 5K (5469 yards). Obviously I don't expect to get through that same amount every weekend, although if I did I'd have a much smaller stash and/or would need to buy yarn more frequently.  Monday I knit some but mostly gave my hands a rest; I noticed some strain after churning through all of the garter stitch to finish up the shawl on Sunday.

I was trying to sort out projects to develop a general plan for the summer so hopefully August 14 won't sneak up on me. I'm not quite to the level of "I have a spreadsheet and need to knit x number of yards per week" that a few people are doing but it's good to get a general sense of what is coming, right?

Projects Remaining: (~4290 to go...)
  1. The Loopy Ewe Academy Felted Wine Carrier ~200 yards
  2. Log Cabin Baby Blanket ~1700 yards
  3. Superheroine Socks ~300 yards
  4. MaytheFourth Socks ~300 yards
  5. Amazonas Spice Scarf ~400 yards
  6. Catkin Shawl ~750 yards
  7. Bookshelf Lineup Scarf ~350 yards
  8. Logwood Shawl ~400 yards [not yet cast on] 
Finished Projects: (~1180)

  1. The Loopy Ewe Academy Slipped Stitches Hat ~180 yards
  2. The Loopy Ewe Academy Stripes Shawl ~1000 yards

Of all of those, only one isn't cast on yet, which suggests that perhaps I have a few too many projects on the needles lying about Chez Hedgehog, doesn't it? And that doesn't include travel knitting, I'm headed out of state three times in June, twice on airplanes and the latter flight will be full days of travel back and forth to San Francisco. That by itself should be a pair of socks that aren't yet started.  

Starting from a position of strength is no bad thing. I finished that list up there and for a split second thought "hey, maybe I should try to do the 10K." I just managed to keep myself from falling on the floor laughing as that doesn't take into account anything else in my to do list this summer, which is long and robust. The Catkin has been lingering far too long and I need to figure out what parts of it I can do on the train.  Trying to only work on it at home is obviously not going to cut it. Depending on how the rest of June goes, it might turn into airline travel work.  

My only concern at the moment is pending projects 3-8 are all fingering weight yarn. I might need to toss in a couple of worsted weight hats or mittens, just to keep variety in my hands going. Otherwise, things should hopefully churn right thru!  

Happy Dashing!

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