Saturday, July 5, 2014

Can't See the Forest

Last year I pulled a slightly less than loved skein out of the stash and decided it would make a good Sockhead hat.  The result was a hat that in reality I wasn't entirely in love with and it sat in the gift bin for quite a while. Of course, the Philosopher had noted how pretty he found the yarn one rummage through the leftovers and, in the interest of getting the yarn worn, used, and loved, I ripped out the hat.

IMG_7148 (2)

That's actually not the yarn I started the new project with, I began with the leftovers (read, the other half of the skein). On Ravelry, I'm calling this project "For the Trees"

IMG_7139 (2)

I'm using the pattern Keskitys by Emma Karvonen.  It's a free pattern on Ravelry.  You knit the center triangle as deep as you'd like it to be--I think I added one or two extra repeats--and then pick up and knit identical wings.  I ran out of wool on wing 1 with a half dozen or so rows left. I think I should have enough to do wing 2. The pattern calls for 2 colors of yarn, I'm only using one but the pooling in this skein is making it plenty interesting.  The Philosopher is pleased with how it's coming along and looking forward to temperatures that allow for more regular triangle wearing.

The yarn is Dizzy Blonde Studios and she is still dying. Her colors tend to be a little more subtle rather than in your face, if a muted variegated is what you're looking for.

And now, there is a hungry cat announcing to me that it has gone MINUTES past 5 p.m. and she'll obviously waste to nothing if I do not produce gooshyfood right now.

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