Friday, June 20, 2014


That is the sound of my knitting progress and mojo and everything else hitting a solid wall. As I ramp up for a major national conference with all of it's sundry obligations that multiply like hangers from the dry cleaners, my knitting has just tanked. It doesn't help that the past two days (2!!) I managed to commute to and from work with no knitting. Yes, I had knitting in my office, but I only barely touched those socks. I did get through the heel of Sock 1 and I picked up gusset stitches today. Otherwise, I've not really knit much this week.

Beyond the challenges of various other pulls on my time--and the fact I still haven't figured out how to touch type and knit simultaneously (maybe I should invest in Dragon software for blogging?)  much of my knitting at the moment requires at least a little brain power. The mitts need thumbs, the new Philosopher scarf requires that I count to 8, the sweater sleeve is fiddly.  None of these are particularly hard, but neither are they entirely mindless churning away of stitches.

On one hand, my thought is "hey, a reason to start another new knitting project!" while the other hand is applying a gentle smack to the forehead of "if you'd just do x, you'd (a) finish a project or (b) get to where you could mindless knit again"  And as right now I don't think I have capacity for much in the way of "new" I'm hoping that I can at least get past a stumbling block in one of the other projects here shortly.

I will have to figure out something new to knit, however.  That conference, so full of meetings, should be prime knitting time. At least, during those portions where I'm not actively speaking and tweeting. I'm guessing that I might just cast on 2 pair of socks and take those. At least that won't involve much thinking, but it does mean I have to wind yarn.  One more thing to add to the to-do list for the next few days...

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  1. Ms7, seeing the title of this blog, is disappointed that you are not knitting actual hedgehogs. (New project? ;)


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