Monday, March 17, 2014

In the background

One project that hasn't been mentioned here is a cowl I knit myself over January-March. In an attempt to use up some of my alpaca yarn, I created this garter behemoth. Though it wasn't my intention, it ended up being about 12 inches wide and about 12 feet long. I can wrap it about 5 times around my neck.


It was slow garter stitch on size 10 needles, one round knit, one round purl.  It was mindless knitting but at home only.  It was too big and shed too much to haul around with me.  I do try to avoid sticking anyone with my knitting on the train, though for the way I get avoided while I'm knitting, you'd think I had 18 inch needles all of the time.

And it figures, I've finished it up and now the weather is starting to be nicer again.  We might even finally be looking at all high temperatures  (if not the lows) above freezing.  A knitter could almost think about putting up her wool socks soon.


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