Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sock Show Thursday: Night Sky

While we usually call the sky at night black, there's still some blue up there and that is was seems to come out in this skein of Bugga! that I'm knitting up.

My fourth pair of socks this year has been flying right along, the joy of size 1.5 (2.5mm) needles and sport weight yarn. The fact that it's absolutely delicious yarn with cashmere in it and that I had a couple of heavy on the knitting, light on the needing to do other things with my hands days and I may well finish these up early this month. It's a good pick me up after last month's single sock completed. 

The yarn is Bugga! by the Sanguine Gryphon, though the dyers behind that endeavor split up and are now the Verdant Grypon and Cephalpod Yarns. I've been meaning to try both, as they are both still using the Bugga! base and have great colors, but I wanted to get through some of what I currently had first. 

I bought this while I lived in La Crosse, as I can tell by the fact that I took my Ravelry photo of it on the deck to that apartment.  Ravelry date of creations and backgrounds of photos, sigh, at least there's some metadata available. Of course, I also photographed my stash for Ravelry while in La Crosse and bought the majority of it while in La Crosse so that's a little less helpful but at least I can narrow it down a bit. 

Where was I? Ah yes, socks 

This is Pair 4 for 2014, Pair 61 on the needles total.  


As you can see, I"m through one sock, 66 rows on the leg, and onto sock 2.  


They're going very quickly and I'm hoping to get though it with some extra time to start on April's socks. I'm also to the point I need to wind up more yarn again so I have a couple of skeins at the ready.  Slowly through the stash I go! 

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