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Scissors cuts paper, Paper covers Rock....

Yes, I did it. I broke down in the face of a restock.

I really like the early seasons of Big Bang Theory, though I haven't really been watching since about the middle of season 3. I wanted to get the Philosopher watching the early ones and never got back to catching up.  Someday, when I have copious spare time and nothing but knitting and tv shows to catch up on....

One clip I watched over and over was Sheldon reciting "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock."  I watched it enough times that I can, if asked, do the entire routine almost at speed.

So when Carin (from Round the Twist videocast) pointed out that Jessalu had specially made fabric with the design, I immediately started stalking her website. And finally, my not-very-patient-waiting was rewarded. 

It's a new sock-sized project bag!!  If you look closely, it has the rules layout in very light script under the diagram. 

And inside it has marvelous equations. They're a mix of math, physics, chemistry...


Cause I'm Almost There

I loved the music from Disney's Princess and the Frog.  It was speaking that I walked into seeing Tangled with my friend Jenny singing songs from it and, after sitting through the latter movie and it's songs, we still walked out singing P&tF.

The end is in sight for the knitting of the squares.  I'm on the third color of square 12! Then I just have to figure out seaming, do all the seaming, put on a border, and weave in all the ends. That should only take 15 minutes on the train, right?

It's an impressive pile of squares:

I'm looking forward to getting everything put together and seeing just how eye-searing it will be. If you hear someone muttering "bright colors are good for babies..." that'll be me.

I had stalled a bit again on Square 11 but I had an extra large amount of time on the train earlier this week and, in anticipation of that, brought along the yarn. I only have three more sides to go (40, 40, and 50 stitches; 20 rows each, respect…

Sock Show Thursday: I Need a Foot

One of the several reasons I don't knit socks for people I don't know extremely well is that I would prefer the socks to fit. As such, the Philosopher and AudioGirl know that when I'm working on a pair for them, at some point they'll hear that phrase while I'm trying to verify foot length. Even though I know approximately how long their feet are, and I probably should do some measuring and such--seeing them and requiring a foot is easier for now. The Incredibly-Patient-Mother has size 8 feet, handy for when I need to get an extra foot for OAmy, who has the temerity to live in another country and not be available for sock sizing quite as frequently as one could hope.

Anywho, verifying fit means also that I've found out that where I was starting the toe for AudioGirl's socks is too long, so I'm going to have to rip back the toes on the last pair I finished for her--the ones I made out at Wood's Hole. Fortunately, I've not woven in ends yet so it s…

Sock Show Thursday: Temporary Progress

*Hello visitors from the Yarn Harlot! Sock Show is usually on Thursday, Monday was a late catch up.*

I've been plugging away at this sock this week, but I'm not sure whether or not it's going to survive. Ultimately, it's not up to me, it's up to the Philosopher, on whose feet these will be residing. The reason for the possible demise?

It's pooling. A lot. Strangely. 
It's kind of striping, but not. It's sort of spiraling, but not. The colors are lovely, but odd with the pooling. A rich dark blue and purple, the lighter blue and pops of yellow.  

Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance really to see the Philosopher and get his opinion, we're doing the "I'll see you while one of us is mostly unconscious" approach to communicating this week. I leave before he's up almost all the time but this week he's been getting home after I have flopped onto the bed and fallen asleep as that's where our air at home is. So he hasn't se…

Sock Show Umm...Monday

Last week I knit half a sock in one day as coping technique. While the rest of the week wasn't quite so productive, knitting to take the edge off was in full play.

If I'm still aiming for 12 pair of socks a year, I'm nearly done with my August pair and cast on September already. On July 15. I need to figure out some other things that I can bring on the commute with me as soon as I wrap up the Blonde's baby afghan. Square 10 was bound off on Sunday, so in theory I could finish that this week.

Knitting time is still kind of limited. Work is taking up far more than it's fair share of the week, I'm a little more than halfway through a Coursera course that is supposed to be teaching me good programming habits (the Philosopher keeps having to find knitting analogies), and there are all these other people and research projects impinging on my time.

And it's mid-July and sultry outside. We know winter is coming though.

The Philoseven socks got finished up on July …

Low on the Knitting Mojo

If you don't follow my other blog and/or you're not a librarian, I'm just coming off my biggest conference for 2013: the American Library Association Annual Conference, for which I was one of the division program planning committee chairs.  This was my culminating conference with the committee, ending four years of work, mostly behind the scenes. And I won't say it isn't a bit of a relief to hand it on to the next chair. Next year I might actually get to attend the conference rather than feeling spread quite so thin going to meetings. We'll see how that shakes down though...
On the knitting front, there is minimal news to report. This despite having a conference. The conference was here in Chicago, which means I didn't have my usual plane travel time and I wasn't filling my evenings with knitting and socializing because I was coming home and collapsing into bed. The Philosopher got to see me unconscious every night be I can't say we spent any substa…