Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Scissors cuts paper, Paper covers Rock....

Yes, I did it. I broke down in the face of a restock.

I really like the early seasons of Big Bang Theory, though I haven't really been watching since about the middle of season 3. I wanted to get the Philosopher watching the early ones and never got back to catching up.  Someday, when I have copious spare time and nothing but knitting and tv shows to catch up on....

One clip I watched over and over was Sheldon reciting "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock."  I watched it enough times that I can, if asked, do the entire routine almost at speed.

So when Carin (from Round the Twist videocast) pointed out that Jessalu had specially made fabric with the design, I immediately started stalking her website. And finally, my not-very-patient-waiting was rewarded. 

IMG_6641 (2)

It's a new sock-sized project bag!!  If you look closely, it has the rules layout in very light script under the diagram. 


And inside it has marvelous equations. They're a mix of math, physics, chemistry...

IMG_6646 (2)

I've even stuffed it's first project inside: the Brunette's mitts. Remember those? I really figured those would be long gone out the door by now and perhaps if the Blonde hadn't gotten pregnant...but I digress, I've had the yarn since late last fall, I need to get them done and out to him before this winter arrives. 

So far I have some ribbing. 


I see another project that needs to be in the commute queue.  

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