Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fire and Water, But No Smoke

BMFA's Color Lady Tina put up more mill ends the other day. As deeply as I love BMFA and all of the color options, I really love the surprises that she comes up with when there are leftovers and imperfect skeins.

Previously I've gotten the water shades, as of course everything blue/purple/green tends to be a favorite in my stash. So of course, I went for another water shade.



This one looks like the bottom of stream. Initially it did feel a little bit plain but then the Philosopher and I noticed the pop of coral. It's like peering down into the water and suddenly a fish darts past. A rather bright fish! We both found that very exciting.


The other skein that I ventured to try was a Fire skein. I knew to expect reds and oranges but wasn't sure what else would come. The result is this very vibrant mix of pink and red and orange and just a hint of yellow.



For now I assume both will become socks, though they each have mitten or hat potential as well.  I'll have to poke around the various sock loving people in my life and see if anyone really wants to lay claim to either color.

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