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Sock Show Thursday: All Ewetopia, All the Time

I know I've spoken about my love for Ewetopian Fiber Arts and Kathryn's color sense and wonderfully luscious sport weight merino base. It's the only socks I have going at the moment so everyone around me has gotten to see and feel the yarn and to a knitter (and yes, there were both male and female knitters feeling it up), they've all thought it was incredibly wonderful.  Mostly I just get the shaded solids in the merino but she has interesting color mixes and a base with bamboo in it as well.

I did finally finish the purple socks that are for me.  They turned out quite nicely and should we have cold weather next year in Chicago, I'll be breaking them out.  Or an April blizzard, I'm not quite convinced I can put up all my sweaters just yet--though I did take stuff to the dry cleaner before leaving for conference.

I had some trouble getting my camera to cooperate on the color. This third picture, taken with flash mostly to try and get the right color, is the clo…

Au Revoir Knitter's Niche

The first yarn store that I went to after moving to Chicago was the Knitter's Niche. It was walking distance from AudioGirl and I's apartment, how could I not be thrilled! And the owner, MaryAnn, was the first person to introduce me to Malabrigo. Unfortunately, due to moving away and getting more into sport and finger weight yarn, and then living in a very different neighborhood, I haven't made it back often, but when I heard that she was retiring and the shop would be closing, I wanted to make one more trek.

I hauled the Philosopher over with me.  It was good to chat with MA about what she'll do now (shows, a cruise, grandchildren) and she had things very reasonably discounted. She doesn't like knitting socks--so there wasn't a whole lot there that leaped off the shelf at me since I was looking for neither lace nor sweaters, but I found a couple of things that "had" to follow me home.

First up was some Berroco Sox. And they are blue. I know, I know, …

1 skein, two skein, brown skein, green skein

I'm finally back to the green yarn on the Not-Very-Instant Grafitication afghan. *kermitflail*

Pyewacket for scale, sorta...

As you can see, I'm not too much farther along but I have made a dent.  Four more green skeins and I'll be on the home stretch of brown.  And then I just will need an epic end weaving day. That might call for the entire first season of Downton Abbey or some similar marathon.

One Pound Lighter

I lost a pound yesterday in under 30 minutes! Did you know you can too?  It's very easy, all you need to do is contact your local blood bank.

This was prompted by the friend I mentioned earlier--the Trombone Player. His mom has been a regular donor for decades and is now on the receiving end of blood transfusions. He thought it would be nice if he could get people she's met to donate.  So that's what I did today. The hospital across the street from my building has a walk in donation center and, as I didn't have any really important 4 p.m. meetings, I went over. One of the advantages to adding a couple extra pounds over the last year is that when I went in they believed me when I said I'm over the required 110 lbs.  I should, however, always have some spinach and red meat shortly before donating, as I'm on the low end for hemoglobin.

I had a number of tests done for various reasons in my past so getting blood drawn holds no particular fears for me, though I'l…