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Who Wears Dark Socks?

Some days I'm very hard on myself about how much knitting I do--or rather how much I don't do. I look at friends who knit, bloggers, certain sisters, and other people and I wonder what I'm doing wrong, or why I'm not as productive as they are.  Part of it has to do with a lot of work obligations and a morning commute that doesn't allow for knitting (packed in like sardines on a lurching train doesn't lend itself...), part of it in that it isn't my job, part of it is a social life that doesn't always lend itself to knitting--though friends, family, coworkers, and many complete strangers will try to convince you that I knit everywhere.

I have to remind myself then that knitting is supposed to be my craft, my hobby, the thing I do to relax and because I enjoy it--not because I'm obligated to do it. Knitting, or thinking about knitting, shouldn't be something the prompts guilt. I haven't quite figured out how to make that all work but I keep rem…

Luck Go With a Lady Last Night....

The Lucky Socks are done! Annnnnd, they've already been wrapped up and gifted so you don't get a final sock picture.

It was my friend Katie's birthday last week. Katie asked me a while back to help her learn how to knit socks and while we've started, we've both been so crazy busy that progress has been really slow.  I thought this might inspire her again.

Imagine that the needles are gone and there's a toe:

Now it's been all Rainbow Stripe Socks all the time. I'm through the gusset decreases on Sock 2. I broke it out at a couple of social events this weekend--not the wedding or reception, but at a post official wedding festivities bar the following day and at a rousing round of Rock Band. We discovered that using a size 0 knitting needle is a much easier way to get the tambourine sounds for the vocals than smacking the mic against our hands, legs, etc.  Easier on the mic than banging it on the table too.  

The Philosopher's Belt has gotten no love…

Down the Stripes

I was charging right along through the summer, knitting up a storm, and then I hit some brick wall.

Part of it came from a sore right hand. I knit through the fourth of July weekend unceasingly. The definition of a process knitter, I knit because it's soothing and keeps me from fidgeting in other, less socially appropriate ways. Just leave me in the corner to knit, really. Only, I'd overdone it and knitting for very long began to hurt. That's never a good sign. 

A lot of it has been just being really overwhelmed recently. The Philosopher can attest that of late I've been incredibly frustrated and grumpy mostly because I don't feel that I've got a good handle on everything that needs to be done, I don't have enough evenings at home, and I don't have enough reading/knitting time. Not being able to step back, step out and allow myself the recuperation time is really wearing on me. 

So mostly I've just been carrying knitting around. There hasn't …

A Pair of Needles at Rest...

(Image borrowed and linked from La Crosse Public Library Flickr Account, taken by my sister, click through to see lots of other pictures of Joyce from that day)

I heard via Facebook that Joyce Williams passed away today. It was news that brought a huge wave of sadness.

Right after I moved to La Crosse, I was tasked with hosting the Knitting in Public Day. They'd done one, a Knitting for Peace Day, to such success that they wanted to repeat it. While enthusiastic, I didn't know very many Wisconsin knitters yet. (That would change!) Local Knitting Maven Betty Kendrick suggested that we call her friend Joyce and ask if she'd be willing to speak.

Joyce's acceptance was prompt and gracious. And she asked for as many mannequins as I could round up.

When Joyce arrived she brought a huge trunk show of knitting: sweaters from her books and recent projects she had made. She gave me prizes from her own stash to add to our door prizes for the day. She hauled in copies of her boo…